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Electronic Prescribing

The Next Generation of DME Prescribing

Integra Partners is a proponent for the adoption of electronic prescribing platforms that allow referral sources to create and send complete and accurate medical equipment orders digitally so DME Providers can get members the lifesaving supplies they need faster.

Electronic Prescribing platforms replace fax and paper-based orders with a more efficient way to manage the process of ordering medical equipment. Along with delivering a more seamless and transparent experience for DME Providers, Health Plans, and Members, these platforms are designed to reduce the administrative burden on referral sources and DME Providers by pre-qualifying orders and tracking order status in real-time.

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Integra’s Commitment to Technology and Innovation

Integra recognizes the critical role of technology for the future of the Home Medical Equipment (HME) Industry. We remain committed to deploying solutions that remove cost and administrative burdens from the healthcare system while enhancing the experience for our Providers, Health Plans, and Members. That’s why we actively improve our own technology and seek out partnership opportunities with leading technology vendors.
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Since 2005, Integra has been recognized as the thought leader on DMEPOS services. Whether you’re a provider looking to work with more health plans, an insurer looking to provide smarter access to your membership, or a member searching for local, quality care you can trust, Integra provides unparalleled access to a greater network.

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