Grow your network

When you join Integra Partners, your network grows. That means partnerships with more health plans and more patients to offer high-quality services and equipment.

What we do

Our network is focused exclusively on providers who specialize in the delivery of products and services for the Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics and Orthotics Supplies (DMEPOS) community.

Our goal is to allow our providers to see more patients and spend less time on the administrative work of healthcare. Importantly, Integra is not a provider, and we believe independence is a key element of successfully supporting our network of providers.


Benefits to joining the Integra network

  • Increased revenue. Integra’s health plans cover more than 15 million patients. When you’re in our network, you can stop turning away patients and start seeing them.
  • Reduced administrative costs and higher profits. Integra’s practice management software seamlessly integrates our providers with Integra. Our system ensures that claims are submitted electronically and meet the standards of our health plan partners. In addition, our team of claims resolution specialists reduce the need for in-house collections teams.
  • More referrals and a steadier stream of business. When payors need specific DMEPOS products or services for their members, we help direct them to the right providers in the right locations. With us on your side, you’ll have an ally promoting your brand.
  • Higher cash conversion. Our claims resolution team researches all late payments, partial payments and denials, plus coordinates real-time with our providers to ensure fast, complete payment with a significant reduction in denials.