Focused on emerging technology and flexible solutions that transform the delivery of care

Integra Partners is a leading DMEPOS benefit management company

National footprint with extensive network of credentialed local, regional and national providers

Technology and live services to deliver efficient and effective results

Extensive experience working with commercial and government programs including Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid health plans in addition to ACOs. Significant experience working with complex populations – LTSS / MLTC and Duals

Facilitate over 3,000
products / services and 40,000 branded alternatives; including Durable Medical Equipment, Orthotics, Prosthetics, Medical Supplies, Respiratory Care, and Wound Care

Our Programs:

The Benefit Management Program

Integra's benefit management program provides cutting edge approaches to managing DMEPOS. Integra can deliver exceptional results from administrative support to cost and quality programs.

The Network Management Program

Integra offers a technology enabled platform that connects health plans and their members to a robust network of DMEPOS providers. Integra’s technology infrastructure is designed to enhance the transparency, coordination, and delivery of patient care by providers in the community.

Integra Partners’ focus is on innovative solutions to enhance quality and lower costs

Introducing Clear by Integra:
Pioneering the Logistics of Care

Custom-built technology

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